​​Rachel Memorial FoundatioN

about Rachel Memorial

Our foundation started as a result of prayer for our nation.   The damage that abortion has done, whether in our lives or the lives of our family or friends, is deep and wide.  We understand that when a woman chooses abortion, it is never a good or happy decision, but one which she makes out of despair for a better situation.  It may bring grief, regret, bitterness, and a life-long sadness over what might have been. We also know that there is hope, and that hope is in God.  We know that God heals, and God restores, and that there is forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our parks and memorial plaques will serve two important purposes:

First, they will teach generations, both young and old.  As places of beauty and remembrance for tiny lives lost, they will help us to once again find our humanity as we realize that what once was a place of death and killing is now a place of remembrance.    After WWII, Germans turned the concentration camps into memorials to the Jews who lost their lives in those places.  In the same way, we hope to turn old abortion facilities into memorials, whether by placing plaques of remembrance or by building small rose gardens and parks.

Second, they will be places of healing.  Women who have aborted their babies, and others who have been complicit,  need to be reconciled to the God who gives forgiveness, hope and healing. Scriptures will grace the walls of these parks, and there will be quiet places for prayer and meditation.  A mother or father or grandparent who wishes to remember a child will have that opportunity.  And of course, our parks will connect each visitor with RMF, and the resources to which we can guide them.

For an excellent overview of the abortion struggle in America, and about why we believe our parks will change America, go to: